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hookedonbooks ([personal profile] hookedonbooks) wrote2009-12-31 09:37 pm
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Ok, Starting over!

I started this with the best of intentions, and just sort of...faltered.

BUT with a new year comes new resolve. And a new nook! (I'm figuring it will come on Saturday? I got notification yesterday that it was shipping and it's supposed to be expedited 2-day, so since tomorrow is holiday... We shall see).)

I'll update this thing as I finish a book! :) I promise!

For now... I'm starting Three Cups of Tea. As a book. Technically I started it last night on the subway, but I am only to chapter 3 and not planning to read more tonight (as I am lame and tired), so that will officially (as far as I know) be my first book of 2010.